Dowsing is 'IT'
Intuition Technology

by John Living, Retired Professional Engineer,
Master Dowser and Exorcist

ISBN 978-0-9686-3234-5

This book includes all of my knowledge of Dowsing - based on experience as a successful Dowser.   Much of the contents have been gleaned from Master Dowsers, to whom I am extremely grateful for giving me their help over the years.

I hope it will help you to be even more successful in your Dowsing !

The book is in three sections:

Understanding Ourselves - and our environment.

Most of us know that we have Intuition - we get a certain 'knowingness' on occasions.    But there is a problem !    Sometimes, when we need guidance, we are left 'in the cold'.

Now this can be changed !    And this book explains 'how to do this' in simple, easy ways.   By using these techniques you can get guidance from 'Upstairs' on any subject - including relationships, work problems, and the health of yourself and your family.

The 'Key' is to form a clear question in your logical mind, ask your Heart, and be aware of any body movements. Did you know that you can use blinking of your eyes, positions of your tongue, or feel the smoothness or roughness of a finger nail to give you answers - and that nobody else need realize what you are doing ?

Chapters:  Naturally, we ARE Intuitive;   Science and Beyond;   The Human Being:   We are Psychic !;   Understanding Hypnosis;   Other Dimensional Beings;   We Compute !;   Improving Our Performance;   Our Intuitive Radio;   The Power of Thought;   Levitation and Gravity;   Fun, Not Hard Work.

Dowsing - Amplifying the Signals Sent and Received

This is based on a weekend course that I have given many times to teach beginners to Dowse - and to learn how to handle aspects with which many advanced Dowsers have problems.

YES & NO signals have 2 sources - Physical: To & Fro, Meta-Physical: Rotation.
I like to get a clockwise YES signal before my Pendulum points to something; if I get an anti-clockwsise NO signal, then something maybe wrong !

Did you realize that when your Pendulum rotates it is making a cone shape - a circular Pyramid that magnifies your thoughts/intent ?

Chapters:  Amplifying Intuitive Signals;   Working with 'The System',   Asking Questions,   Counting, Charts, and Lists,   Locational Dowsing,  Earth Energies,   The Message Chart,   Remote Viewing,   Water Thoughts,   Radionics,   Trees and Healing.

Healing - Using our Intuitive Skills and 'Power of Thought' for Health

'Everything is Energy' - including the causes of illness, how it manifests in the physical body, and how we feel pain and suffer.

When we work with these energies we can Heal them - and improve our Health.    I have found that most 'Pains that Move' (especially any cramps) are caused by other dimensional Life Forms - and these can be Healed to prevent re-occurence.

Chapters:  Healing Overview,   Grounding, Protection, and Clearing,   Our Energy Body,   Influences of Entities,   Vivaxis: Life Links to Birth Places,   Illness,   Simple Healing,   It is a Matter of Form,   All about LuLu,   Exploring genes and Other Influences,   Let There be Light !.

Chris Bird talks about Dowsing in his book 'Divining Hand'
- 'Intuition Technology' teaches Dowsing skills !

Richard Gerber in 'Vibrational Medicine' writes of the background and benefits
- 'Intuition Technology' tells you how to make these medicines !

A comment from Ann, who lives in Scotland:
"I've found your book on "Intuition Technology" most helpful, the written style being direct, friendly and accessible, and the content obviously indicative of your own wide reading and considerable personal experience.
For the last two or three days I've felt more positive 'in myself' than I have done for some considerable time. I have recently been reading your remarks on 'Improving Performance', being happy, and your 'Life Review/affirmation' (page 97.)
Maybe this is no coincidence !
Whatever the reason, thank you for writing such a very helpful and insightful book."

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‘Knowledge not used is valueless’

About the Author:

John Living has been a Royal Engineer, a Chartered Civil Engineer, and a Professional Engineer.
He started Dowsing over 55 years ago, being taught as a young officer in the British Army.

His articles have been published in the American, British, and Canadian Dowsing society journals.

Understanding:    Exorcism of Spirit Posssession   or   Intuitive Dowsing

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